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June 16th Meeting: "How Fruits Evolved"
Speaker: Alex Rajewski, PhD

Since flowering plants evolved over 100 million years ago, the ways they reproduce have changed and multiplied dramatically. When flowering plants evolved the first fruits, they became an instant success story, allowing these plants to colonize new environments and interact in ever more complex ways with the creatures around them. In this talk Alex will cover the initial evolution of the very first fruits, how those fruits changed into many of the ones we recognize today, and then he’ll talk a little bit about the impact that humans have had on the evolution of fruits

Alex has been an extension Master Gardener since 2011, when he went through the training in Iowa. He kept his certification when he moved to Kansas, Georgia, and most recently to California. He has a master’s degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia, and in 2020, he completed his PhD in plant evolution at UC Riverside. In Los Angeles, Alex has an overflowing collection of container plants and has been collecting more and more species of voodoo lilies and “corpse” flowers (from the Arum family).

I hope you will join us to learn more about mangos and how they can be successfully grown here in our climate.

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