Fig Chart

" Figs and Where to Find Them"








Fruit medium. Skin light yellow. Seeds small

Tree bears heavily. Excellent flavor. Availability: 4.



Similar to 'Brown Turkey', but higher sugar content. Fruit large, flat- rounded in shape. Skin deep purple. Flesh deep red-purple.

Availability: 4.

'Black Mission

'Mission', 'Franciscan', 'California Black'

Large tree. Fruit large. Skin purplish-black.

Can be eaten fresh, dried or canned. Excellent flavor. Availability: 1,4.

'Black Jack'

Fruit large. Skin blue-black. Flesh reddish-amber

Sweet flavor. Availability: 1

'Brown Turkey*

'Black Spanish', 'California Brown Turkey', 'San Piero', 'San Pedro Black', 'Negro Largo', 'Aubique Noire'

Small tree. Fruit medium. Skin mahogany-brown, tinged purple. Flesh amber to pink. Few seeds.

Best eaten fresh - not recommended for canning or drying. Rich flavor. Avaiability: 1,2,3,5, 7,8,9,14


 'Blue Celeste', 'Celestial', Honey Fig', 'Malta', 'Sugar', 'Violette'

Fruit small to medium, pear-shaped. Skin light purple, splitting naturally as it ripens. Flesh deep reddish to amber. Few seeds.

 Rich, sweet flavor. Excellent for drying. Availability: 2,3,4, 8(Improved Blue Celeste),9,14



Vigorous tree. Fruit medium-sized, firm. Skin greenish-yellow to white blushed purple. Flesh strawberry colored.

Excellent for drying. Availability: 4, 8.


'Italian', 'Texas Everbearing' 'Eastern Brown Turkey'

Tree precocious. Fruit medium to large. Skin mahogany to purple. Flesh strawberry colored.

Good for short-season areas. Availability:2, 6, 9, 10,11,12,13,14.



Fruit large, Skin yellow. Flesh light amber.

Slightly higher sugar content, with smaller eye than Kadota'; less likely to spoil. Excellent for drying. Availability: 4



Vigorous tree. Fruit elongated to the extent they hang like tear-drops. Skin purple. Flesh amber-colored.

Very rich flavor. Availability: 4.


'White Genoa'

Fruit medium. Skin greenish-yellow to white. Flesh yellow-amber.

Excellent for eating fresh. Availability: 1.

'Green Ischia'


Fruit small. Skin green. Flesh strawberry-red.

Sweet flavor. Availability: 9.


 'Marylane Seedless'

Fruit tear-drop shaped. Nearly seedless (small chewable)

 Availability: 4. (sometimes)


'White Kadota', 'Dottato', 'Florentine'

Vigorous tree Fruit medium-sized. Skin tough, yellowish-green. Flesh amber-colored. Nearly seedless. Forms 'honey drop' at eye. Needs warm weather

Flavor rich and sweet. Used for canning commercially, drying or eating fresh. Availability: 1,9.


'Desert King', 'Charlie'

Similar to 'Brown Turkey'. Fruit large. Skin green. Flesh very dark red.

Rare. Good quality.  Availability: 4. (sometimes)


'Brunswick', 'Madonna'

Fruit medium. Skin bronze to reddish-brown. Flesh very light strawberry-colored.

 Availability: 2.

'Malcom's Super Giant'


 Fruit sometimes weighs over 1 pound Skin brownish-purple.

 Availability: 9.


'Tiger Fig'. 'Striped Tiger'

Very ornamental tree with slightly molted leaves. Fruit high in sugar content. Skin striped green-yellow. Flesh bright red-purple

Extremely productive tree. Fruit tastes jam-like in texture. Availability: 4.



Fruit small. Skin black. Flesh identical to 'Black Mission'

Availability: 4.



Tree somewhat spur-type. Fruit medium. Skin light green. Flesh is pinkish to amber.

Very productive tree. Flavor like fig-newton. Figs literally dry on tree. Availability: 4.

'Tennessee Mountain'


Fruit medium-sized.

Tennessee mountains. Sweet flavor. Use for drying, newtons or preserves. Availability: 9.



Compact tree with spur-type growth. Fruit large. Skin grayish-green. Flesh deep-red.

Late-season ripening. Tastes like strawberry jam when full ripe. Availability: 4.






Here are some more varieties that have been added to the fig availability

Armenian Very large yellow, spreading, does well in pots. Flesh amber. Mildly sweet. First ripe fruits set snugly in a tea cup. Edible Landscaping.

Marseilles- (Lattarula, Blanche, Italian Honey Fig) Large, almost round fruits, slightly ribbed; pale green to yellow, translucent flesh, rich and succulent. Good hardy variety for walls or forcing. At Jefferson's Monticello, Marseilles bears abundant crops. E. L. Oregon Exotics.

Gulbun Large; skin yellowish green; delicately sweet. Does well in pots; fruitful. E.L.

Hardy Chicago Medium to small; black, sweet and very rich. Will produce a crop after freezing of top growth. E.L.

Osborn's Prolific (Neveralla, Archipel) Medium to large; thin skinned; dark reddish brown; flesh amber and sweet, Hardy. Popular in England; adaptable to cool short summers. E.L. and O.E.

Royal Vineyard Large, skin purplish brown. E.L.

Adriatic (Strawberry, Verdone) Two crops. Large, greenish-yellow. Red pulp of very fine flavor. Fruits well near coast or inland. Consistent bearer. Good fresh or dried. Well suited for pots. O.E.

Early Violet Chocolate brown with a high quality strawberry flesh. Very small fruits that ripen early. Very prolific; ripens 3 crops in a greenhouse. Great in pots. O.E.

Gillette (Croisic,Cordelia, ST. John). Yellow when ripe, quite sweet, and a heavy bearer. Produces one large crop in July and August. Good fresh or dried. Good in cool mountain or coastal climates. O.E.

Negronne Small jet black fruits; deep red pulp; very fine flavor fresh or dried. Two crops a year in cool areas. Vigorous and hardy; productive in pots. O.E.

Other varieties listed by Oregon Exotics but no descriptions:


Karaprak. Ballard's V05, Marabout, Late Blue, Paloma White, Dramas.



Nursery Sources

1. Armstrong Nursery

P.O. Box 4060 Ontario, CA 91761

2- Bountiful Ridge Nursery

Princess Ann, MD 21853

3. Dean Foster Nurseries

Harttord, MI 49057

4. Edible Landscaping

P.O. Box 77

Afton, Va 22920

(804) 361-9134

5. Exotica Seed Co.

Vista, CA

6. Gurney Seed & Nursery

Yankton, SD 57079

7. Henry Field's Nursery

Shenandoah, IA 51602

8. Mellinger's

2310W. South Range Rd.

North Lima, OH 44452

9. Oregon Exotics

1065 Messenger Rd.

Grants Pass, OR 97527

(503) 846-7578 (Nsy & Fax)


10. Pacific Tree Farms

4301 Lynnwood Dr.

Chula Vista, CA 92010

11. Patrick's Vineyard, Orchard & Nursery

P.O. Box 992A Tifton, GA 31794

12. R.H. Shumway's

628 Cedar St.

Rockford, IL 61105

13. Van Bourgondien Bros.

PO. Box A 245 Farmingdale Rd., Rt. 109

Babylon, NY 11702

14. W. Atlee Burpee Co.

300 Park Ave.

Warminster, PA 18974

15. Kelly Bros. Nursery

Dansville, NY 14437

16. Hastings

P.O. Box 4274 434 Marietta St. N.W.

Atlanta, GA 30302

(cannot ship into CA)