A letter from the Chair...

Dear OC Chapter Members of CRFG,

Times are tough at the moment, and I trust that you are all well and observing the mandated precautions…stay safe.

The COVID 19 virus has forced the OC Chapter to cancel an event that is eagerly awaited every year, namely, GREEN SCENE. We know that this is such a wonderful event. It takes a lot of organization and coordination. A great deal of thanks goes to Don Winterstein and his committee. However, we (the Board) are working on moving plants from our donors to the marketplace.

We see an opportunity in this time of crisis. What we are doing:

  • Taking inventory of all plants held by prospective donors 
    • Once correlated, we will publish a list on the OCFruit.com Plant List and also on our Facebook page.

    • Sales from various locations may then be possible. 
  • There may be an opportunity for holding a Green Scene type sale in the church parking lot. This has not been confirmed with the church yet because the virus and Governor mandates have constrained movement, but we’ll post a notice when we have more information.
  • For those donors who’d like to reduce inventory before we can take action: 
    • We encourage selling to the general public, being careful to take all necessary precautions to avoid either getting or giving the virus.

    • Please use the honor system to hold money from the sales and send to the Chapter Treasurer, John Marzolino. 
As said before, we have many members that donate plants, time, space and resources, and we appreciate how hard they work for us. Thanks again for all your support, your patience and patronage. We will get through this and come out the other side stronger…

In the meantime… keep on growing and be safe.

John McNeill, Chairman, CRFG, OC Chapter